Meeting: Urgent and Emergency Care System Delivery Board

Meeting Date: 2 February 2021 and 16 February 2021

Key Decisions and Actions

2 February 2021

Pulse Oximetry at Home Service update

The Board heard an update on activity through the service and it was suggested low numbers could be a lack of knowledge of the service. It was agreed to ensure the service was regularly mentioned within internal communications at the Trust and further discussions would be held to ensure the additional funding received to publicise the service was utilised in the most appropriate way.


NWAS Pathways 

The Board heard a very informative presentation from D Suart in relation to NWAS pathways and was particularly pleased to note the 40% deflection rate by the see and treat and hear and treat services and looked forward to seeing the stretched targets. The importance of the acute frailty service was noted and work was ongoing in terms of securing longer term funding.


Covid Command and Control update

The improved position in the system was noted as evidence of how well the system was working together. It was agreed that an update around vaccination would be part of the weekly Thursday meeting and any issues escalated to the Board.


Chorley ED update

Discussions had commenced with the clinical teams regarding reinstating 12 hour opening, however, it was noted this would have a significant staffing impact.


Progress of Winter Plan

The Board approved the new format for the winter plan reporting and looked forward to seeing the populated version at the next meeting. Discharge Reporting The Board was pleased to receive the discharge dashboard which contained metrics for tracking activity and noted the data provided evidence of the system working well together.


Mental Health update

An update was provided regarding the impacts of the mental health services. From the Trust perspective there has been a positive impact, with lower numbers being seen in ED and good co-operation moving patients from Trust beds into mental health beds.


Community Services update

The Board heard an update of the winter schemes in the community and the issues regarding funding and recruitment. It was agreed that support was needed in terms of permanent funding arrangements to move services from winter plan scheme to business as usual. A solution was proposed via the Resource Committee.


Post Covid Pathway

A progress report was provided and the Board noted the concerns regarding utilisation of the pathway by primary care colleagues due to the complexity. In terms of fitness for purpose, it was agreed that monitoring of numbers through the service was needed via the Board.


Digital Health update

The Board heard an update on progress of the service and noted the issues around IT.


Matters for Escalation (and where to) A paper would be presented to the Resource Committee in relation to funding for a number of community winter schemes.

Completed and Signed off by Karen Partington Senior Responsible Officer and Chair

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