Meeting Date 19 October 2021


Key decisions and actions

Winter Plan A recap of the winter plan schemes was provided, noting an additional seven schemes, increasing the winter schemes from 13 to 20, along with a detailed description of each category. In terms of reporting, a highlight report would be completed for each scheme and an executive summary of these reports be presented to the Board each meeting to monitor progress and awareness of any risks or issues requiring support. Wider discussions were ongoing regarding the dedicated programme leadership management that was critical to support this work. A number of risks were raised attributed to workforce issues and an update on actions to address these was requested for the next meeting. The Board was pleased to note that agreement had been given to progress the end of life business case and also that some non-recurrent funding had been received for mental health provision over winter, and monitoring of this was remitted to the UEC Oversight Group.

Decision/Action: The Board formally approved the reporting arrangements for the winter schemes.

Agreement of High Impact Actions

A proposed list of high impact scheme and actions that may make a difference in winter with monitoring via the UEC Oversight Group was presented for discussion. Following discussion, a number of additional items were agreed for inclusion. It was noted that some the schemes were nonrecurrently funded or had time limited funding and what would happen at the end of the funding. The importance of measuring outcomes, clarity of outcomes, and evaluation of effectiveness to demonstrate investment needs was highlighted. The Chair gave a commitment to work with SLT to support those schemes that demonstrated improved outcomes for patients and welfare for staff to build into future planning.

Decision/Action: The Central Lancashire Partnership Urgent and Emergency Care SDB noted the discussions and the amendments to the high impact actions list.

Meeting and Governance Structure

The Board discussed the new proposed meeting and governance structure noting that the Board would become an executive led UEC Board with membership comprised of senior representatives from each partner organisation, to seek and ensure assurance and provide a route of escalation. A UEC Oversight Group would be established comprised of those involved in the delivery of the winter schemes and high impact actions and this group would become the driver for delivery of actions with a line of escalation to the Exec UEC Board. It was suggested five KPI’s for the winter period be included in the UEC performance dashboard for oversight and monitoring via the Exec UEC Board, these were: total time in ED; corridor care; ambulance handover in particular delays greater than 30 and 60 minutes; super-stranded length of stay; and occupancy levels within hospital and community setting, to measure the safety and effectiveness of the system over winter.

Decision/Action: The Board fully endorsed and approved the proposals.


Matters for escalation (and where to) N/A

Completed and signed off by Steve Christian Senior Responsible Officer and Independent Chair

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