Meeting: Urgent and Emergency Care System Delivery Board

Meeting Date: 18 May 2021


Key Decisions and Actions

Following discussions of the performance dashboard last month, a comprehensive presentation was provided. An overall increase in activity across all parameters of the dashboard was noted, and a deep dive analysis into ED and urgent care activity provided a breakdown of attendance data by age group and acuity, methods of conveyance and referral sources including GP practices. An analysis of CATCH step up and step down referrals showed general increase, however, it was noted not all referrals were received via CATCH, therefore, the data was not a true reflection of referral numbers.

The Board heard an update on the NHS 111 First project including achievements in phases one and two, ongoing activities and the next steps for the project. The Board noted the progress made and welcomed the continued work to further develop the project, and suggested it would be useful for further communications to be sent out regarding the project, particularly to primary care.

An evaluation of the winter plan 2020/21 was provided, including the process undertaken, outcomes of the work, current status of the schemes, feedback of what worked well and what didn’t, and key areas for learning. There was strong feedback that development of the winter plan should have commenced earlier. A roadmap for developing the 2021/22 winter plan was presented including key actions and timescales. It was proposed that a draft for endorsement be brought to the July Board, followed by a period of engagement and a prioritisation process with final sign off in September. It was agreed the June meeting would be used as a workshop to discuss and develop the winter plan process for 2021/22

In terms of the ICP priorities for the Board, it was agreed the leads would be Craig Frost for the winter plan and Ailsa Brotherton with Jayne Mellor and Faith Button for system flow and admission avoidance.

The Board welcomed Marie Thompson and Peter Grace who provided an update on the Digital Health Programme including achievements, challenges and benefits, in particular the benefits to support system flow. The next step was to request support for a 6 month extension to the pilot to fully realise the benefits described. An update was provided by Ailsa Brotherton, the ICP Executive Lead for Discharge, of progress made by the ICP Discharge Group, in particular implementation of the short term actions from the CATCH review. The Group has encouraged a different way of working between partners and was continuing to progress three projects - financial sustainability, performance and reporting and pathways of access. Due to a recent increase in 0-7 day length of stay in acute beds, an additional review has been implemented of all patients in hospital for 7 days or more and work was progressing with ECIS colleagues to finalise the criteria to reside. A specific action plan has been developed for adverse discharge.

The Board noted the good progress made in all areas of work and how well partners were working together.


Matters for Escalation (and where to) N/A

Completed and Signed off by Lindsey Dickinson Clinical Lead

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