Meeting: Urgent and Emergency Care System Delivery Board

Meeting Date: 16 February 2021


Key Decisions and Actions

Chorley ED Update

The Board heard an update on the issues impacting the extension of Chorley ED opening hours and was notified that due to the political situation regarding Chorley ED Amanda Doyle had been briefed. The position was that the department would not expand to 12 hours until there was confidence that it was safe to do so.


NHS 111 First update

An update in relation to key priorities for phase 2 actions was provided. The Board heard of delays to the process for bookable appointments to ED and that Central Lancashire was a significant outlier in relation to this. LTHTR would look at any internal issues affecting this and provide an update to the Chair.


Urgent Care Infographic

The Board noted the draft infographic which detailed the various projects related to urgent care. It was agreed that this work was complete and the outcome of the mapping exercise by the ICP would be awaited.


Progress of the Urgent Care Winter Plan

The Board welcomed the new format of the report, this provided the greater detail required. Following discussions it was agreed that the Urgent Care Winter Plan for 2021/2022 would be brought to the July meeting and a separate workstream would be undertaken to look at how to make funding recurrent for some of the services in place.


Long Covid update

The Board noted the update provided around long Covid and discussed the concerns raised last time around use of the pathway. It was agreed that utilisation of the pathway and impacts should be kept under review by this Board and an update around this would be provided to the March meeting.


Performance Dashboard

The Board agreed the format of the report was useful and felt it would be helpful to include information related to the new A&E metrics and same day emergency care metrics when the streams were up and running.


Matters for Escalation (and where to)

Completed and Signed off by Karen Partington Senior Responsible Officer and Chair

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