Meeting Date: 15 June 2021


Key Decisions and Actions

The June meeting was replaced by a winter plan workshop with representatives from partner organisations to commence planning the 2021/2022 winter plan.

Participants were asked to consider ideas and suggestions for schemes/initiatives in four areas:-

• Accessing the System

• Urgent Emergency & Acute Care

• In Hospital flow

• Hospital to Home

These were then reviewed, prioritised and RAG rated as:-

• Green - Progress (included nationally mandated activity)

• Amber - Further consideration

• Red - Not to progress.


Further consideration was given to the suggestions provided in terms of financial implications, potential workforce issues, and likelihood of delivery.

The outputs from the workshop would be used to support development of the 2021/2022 winter plan and a draft plan would be provided to the July meeting for discussion with a view to endorsement and submission of the final plan in August.


Matters for Escalation (and where to) N/A

Completed and Signed off by Lindsey Dickinson Chair, ICP Clinical and Professional Forum

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