Meeting Date 8 November 2021


Key decisions and actions

Terms of Reference

The relationship with the Financial Recovery Group (FRG) will come from the membership and the developing role of the group before it can be reflected in this groups TOR. This will go to Senior Leadership Team (SLT) to discuss aligning the series of system delivery boards (SDBs) to financial recovery.

OUTCOME - Aligning of SDBs and the development of FRG to be discussed at SLT in order to develop the terms of reference for this group.

Month 7 Financial Position

An overspend is expected although the plans still need to be set for H2. From the elective restoration money algorithm, it looks like we may incur £9.2m of costs with the model showing £9.3m income. This largely depends on February and March income for 2022.

H2 Planning

The indication for H2 is that we will have less income and greater efficiencies to find. The funding rules for elective restoration have changed so it will be very challenged in the second half of the year. LCCs main issue is workforce pressure. The local authority are trying to increase their prices to support recruitment and aid retention.

Winter Planning & Operational Pressures

The combined position for the CCG and LTH is that they have asked for £10m additional resources for winter. This is mostly in relation to additional beds, in totality around 150 beds or bed equivalents are required to bridge an anticipated gap over this winter period. Staffing remains a significant pressure.

Drivers for Change

The output of the action plan from the ICS following the PSC report is being awaited. These actions should then be taken through the delivery boards.

Any Other Business

In relation to Programme Budgeting, data cleansing is being done for Central Lancashire spend and trying to split out the community spend.

OUTCOME – Take this to SLT on 22nd November and the Clinical & Professional Forum on 25th November in terms of taking this forward through System Delivery Boards.

Underwriting financial risk – recurrent funding was raised as an issue at LSCFT due to recruitment of permanent staff.


Matters for escalation (and where to) N/A

Completed and signed off by Jonathan Wood Senior Responsible Officer

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