Meeting Date 13th December 2021


Key Decisions and Actions

Month 8 Financial Position

LCC’s continued underspend. The CCGs position is assuming break even. LTH remains on plan. LSCFT also on plan. There is increased pressure and activity in the whole system. LCC have agreed to increase their rates of pay the domiciliary market. Another council meeting planned for 14th December to look at uplifts to the sector including the residential market.

H2 Planning

All have submitted H2 plans and will be receiving planning guidance through before Christmas. High level guidance may be available on 16th December.

Winter Planning & Operational Pressures

Both workforce constraints and the system are being shaped by the inability to recruit staff into roles. Accessibility of beds in the care home sector is affecting patient flow.

Drivers for Change

This is the piece of work that needs to go back to FAC (Finance Advisory Committee) about the PSC report and the action plan from the ICS. Katherine Disley is following this up with Sam Profitt.

Programme Budgeting

The CCG now has access to the model hospital data and needs to triangulate this to take back to Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and the Clinical Professional Forum (CPF) in January. Any Other Business The development of the ICP Financial Recovery Board was discussed and an update will be sought from Sarah James. The CCG plan will be signed off by the Governing Body on 22nd December.


Matters for Escalation (and where to) N/A

Completed and Signed off by Jonathan Wood Senior Responsible Officer

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