Meeting date 11 October 2021


Key decisions and actions

Month 6 Financial Position

From a Lancashire & South Cumbria perspective the ICS will be likely reporting a break-even position. The plan set out is very different to what was originally set as there is some pressure in the bed base. The aim is to try and find an additional 41 step down beds.

Staffing and recruitment is an issue across the whole health and care sector. LCC have agreed to look at some of its rates of pay for staff as largely they offer lower pay than the same role if NHS.

H2 Planning

There is less funding than H1 and an efficiency in the NHS target which needs to try and be delivered. Winter pressures are also in the H2 financial plans. Final plans have to be submitted for H2 by mid November.

CCGs are planning on 1 CCG plan across the 8 CCGs to work collaboratively with each CCG focusing on a specific area.

The LCC domiciliary care sector is really struggling for workforce and are having to look at going off framework to increase capacity.

Winter Planning & Operational Pressures

The categorisations on the winter plan are around the funding requirements. The schemes are RAG rated to show the risk to deliverability of the schemes. The mobilisation is challenged due to the workforce issues particularly around domiciliary. There needs to be some creative thinking about cross organisational workforce to deliver some of these plans.

How we recruit and retain staff needs to be a system wide conversation. Resources need to be effective for the winter period.

Drivers for Change

PSC are reaching conclusions as to why LSC is different to other areas. Their report findings will be used to look at what an action plan may be.

The Strategic Estates Group have started to pull together a strategy for additional capital funding but need to consider the insight and expectation in terms of community diagnostic hubs.


Matters for escalation (and where to) N/A

Completed and signed off by Katherine Disley

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