Meeting date 28 October 2021

Key decisions and actions

Partner updates – Lancashire Teaching Hospitals

A. Cookson, Patient Experience, and Involvement Lead for Lancashire Teaching Hospitals (LTH) delivered a presentation in respect Patient and Carer Engagement, Involvement, and Improvement, which included a brief overview of identifying complaints and what work needs to be done to achieve/improve patient experience and shape services. A scoping exercise is currently being undertaking of all LTH’s patient/carer forums with the idea of creating a ‘feeder’ group, the purpose of which is to obtain a rounded view of all patients/carers feedback on what the services are looking like, what is working well and those that may require improvement. A. Cookson explained that the Patient Experience and Involvement Strategy 2018 – 2021 was due for review. All engagement with patients, carers and partners will be reviewed to look at what has worked well/not so well and where any improvements need to be made. The review will also look at new pieces of work that should be included in the revised strategy, such as:

• Continuous improvement

• Quality and Safety

• Engagement with all communities

• LTH volunteers

• Development of projects. i.e., Patient contribution to case notes

• External engagement across networks.

Members heard about a collaborative project between LTH and the Lancashire Carers Service, in partnership with NCompass, which was established approx. five years ago. It is a carers forum where different types of carers can attend to share experiences of services to help shape and develop them in the future. Carers can also share their thoughts and feelings and provide support for each other.

PPCV Terms of Reference

G. Tansey presented the amended draft PPCV Terms of Reference (ToRs) which were approved, however, following the reflections of the meeting members agreed that the ToRs needed to include some wording in relation to members seeking and acting upon opportunities. Final sign-off of the amended ToRs will take place at the November PPCV meeting before being presented to the ICP Board for final approval.

ICP System Delivery Board (SDB) update – Determinants of Health (DOH)

L. Huntbach, Head of Partnership Development, Integrated Care Partnership (Central Lancashire), and Senior Lead of the DOH board, presented the group with a synopsis of the board membership, partners, and its vision and purpose. Members heard that the allocated DOH SDB’s priority for 2021/2022 is Population Health Management, and the aim is:

• To focus on the wider determinants of health and the role of people and communities by recognising that health is determined by a range of factors.

• Promote Patient Activation Measures and conduct a mapping exercise to identify and understand community, voluntary, faith and assets. As well as hearing about some of the wider DOH that the SDB was working on, members were informed that the first area which the board was focussing on was people living with hypertension, with an aim to deliver positive outcomes for people. A task and finish group has been established with set objectives, with the results and approach being continually evaluated.

Matters for escalation (and where to) N/A

Completed and signed off by Glenis Tansey Senior Lead - Health, Central Lancashire CLP Patient, Public and Carers Voice Committee

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