Meeting: Patient, Public, Carer Voice Committee

Meeting Date: 23rd February 2021


Key Decisions and Actions:

The Patient, Public, Carer Voice Committee met on 23 February 2021 and Dr Mukerji thanked and welcomed everyone to the meeting. It was noted that Steph Iaconianni will no longer be attending the meetings on behalf of Lancashire Teaching Hospitals (LTHTR), the new representative will be Lyndsay Parsons who is the Head of Nursing, midwifery, and Allied Professionals.

Statement of Intent:

Patient, Public and Carer Voice Forum PPCV members received the final amended Statement of Intent and approved it for sign off. 

Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) Governance Structure:

  • The PPCV group received a presentation from Sarah James, ICP Programme Director, in relation to the ICP Governance Structure. Members heard that the ICP was a Partnership of organisations that have been working together in collaboration for approx. 2 to 3 years, and is chaired by the independent chair, Marie Burnham. The group was informed that the ICP is not a statutory group; however, the organisations which make up the ICP choose to work collaboratively.
  • Each section of the structure was explained to the PPCV and the group discussed how each of the system delivery boards linked into the ICP and the ICS. The group agreed that it needs to promote itself to ensure its involvement within the priority setting discussions right at the beginning

Mapping Results:

The PPCV group has been asked to complete a mapping template which will provide information about what groups and processes each organisation already has in place, which in turn will help the group to identify any gaps in knowledge.

Work Plan:

The group was presented with a new framework and the idea is that items from the work plan will be added to the framework. The work plan will sit behind the framework which will be used as a quick guide and will explain the purpose of what the PPCV group is, what pieces of work needs doing and how it is going to be done. The framework has got four key areas which are:

  • PPCV Governance
  • Co-designing services
  • Embedding PPCV across the ICP
  • Connecting across the ICS

Each of the high-level functions to the work plan will sit in each of these areas.

Members agreed the framework was a great idea and look forward to promoting the work of the PPCV, whilst ensuring that the system delivery boards understood exactly how and when to involve the PPCV in their specific work streams.

Partner updates:

The group has decided partner updates will be added as a standing item to the PPCV agenda. Members agreed that each month a different partner organisation will have the opportunity to provide an update of what projects they are currently working on and explain to PPCV members how their organisation undertakes engagement. This will also provide a spotlight for them to share any thoughts and suggestions of how the organisation can work collaboratively throughout the ICP.

Matters for Escalation (and where to) N/A

Completed and Signed off by S Mukerji

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