Meeting: Patient, Public, Carer Voice Committee

Meeting Date: 26th January 2021 (December 2020 meeting stood down due to Christmas annual leave.)


Key Decisions and Actions:

Dr Mukerji thanked everyone for attending the meeting and explained that Bill McCarthy had sent a letter asking for as much work as possible to be stepped down, apart from the five priorities that he had outlined, however, as the PPCV meeting in December had been cancelled it was felt that this meeting should go ahead to keep up momentum. It was acknowledged that everyone was extremely busy at present and has been working in different areas that they would not usually be involved in, and he expressed his thanks for the hard work and for everyone’s attendance today.

Statement of Intent: Patient, Public and Carer Voice Forum:

PPCV members reviewed and discussed the Statement of Intent and the feedback from the ICP Board at length and it was felt that it needed to include something about how the PPCV will link in with the different objectives for each of the other system delivery boards, whilst also linking in with the ICP Governance structure and how the PPCV is delivering against the ICP’s quadruple aims. The Statement of Intent will be updated based on the focused discussion undertaken, and a revised version will be circulated to members for further comments and approval ahead of the February PPCV meeting.

Work Plan:

The PPCV group was presented with an updated version of the work plan which now included an extra column, the purpose of which was to inform the group of where each area of work linked to show the line of accountability. This is something that each member organisation can contribute to.

Members discussed the work plan at great length and it was agreed that it needed to be meaningful and should have a two way flow with the work streams of each of the system delivery boards. Members felt that having a clearer understanding of the ICP priorities and the ICP Governance Structure would be helpful, and asked if it was possible for someone from the ICP to attend the next PPCV meeting to talk through the ICP Governance structure. The group was in full agreement that this is a great opportunity to link social care and health care together.

Members commented that currently engagement is done very differently within the local authority sector compared to the health care sector, and the PPCV needs to understand the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ to ensure that they maximise this opportunity of working jointly on a shared basis. The group agreed that the PPCV needed to build a solid foundation that flowed throughout the ICP system delivery boards and underpinned the work of the PPCV.


Matters for Escalation (and where to) Members agreed it would be useful to create a process of engagement, something similar to a commissioning cycle but explicitly for engagement to make sure that the system delivery boards understood exactly how and when to involve the PPCV in specific work streams.

Completed and Signed off by S Mukerji

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