Meeting ICP Urgent and Emergency Care System Delivery Board

Meeting Date 20 July 2021


Key decisions and actions

Performance Dashboard

Increased activity across all metrics and the challenges and impacts on the system was noted. Work was continuing in the Discharge Steering Group around maximising pathway 0 discharges, consistency in interpretation of the criteria to reside due to large numbers reported in central Lancashire, and arrangements for exiting Avondale. The importance of qualitative information in addition to data was highlighted to understand factors involved and reasons behind the pressures. It was suggested to progress with tasking the Patient, Public and Carer’s Voice Committee to gather patient feedback.

An analysis into increased accident and emergency attendances and reasons was presented and it was noted that demand peaked on Monday’s which coincided with anecdotal information that GP practice phone lines were often not working on a Monday. It was suggested further analysis be carried out.

Winter Plan

A progress update was provided, further scoping work was ongoing taking into account the financial situation. The importance of returning the completed proformas as priority was noted and a further update would be provided at the next meeting.

NHS 111 First

The Board positively noted the progress of the NHS 111 First programme and the significant achievements particularly around the extension of ED bookable slots. Work was progressing to explore a new urgent and emergency care front door model and rapid assessment process, develop further links with community services and expand GP bookable slots.

Integrated Urgent Care Review

The Board welcomed and supported the work programme to develop an integrated urgent care model for central Lancashire. The proposal for the governance structure and membership of the project group would be brought to the August meeting.

UEC Priorities Scoping update

The Board noted the overlap in some aspects of work and agreed further discussions outside to agree a recommendation to take to the ICP Senior Leadership Team as to how to progress the work.

Arrangements for Future Meetings

The Board noted Karen Partington was retiring in August and expressed their thanks for her hard work and leadership during her role as Senior Responsible Officer. Steve Christian, Chief Integration Officer at LSCFT would take over the SRO role from August.

Mental Health Dashboard

The Board noted increased referral rates in all services but welcomed improvements in response times, and that the mental health urgent assessment centre would be operational from August and the potential for diverts away from ED.


Matters for escalation (and where to) N/A

Completed and signed off by Lindsey Dickinson Clinical Lead

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