Meeting ICP Urgent and Emergency Care System Delivery Board

Meeting Date 17 August 2021


Key decisions and actions

Performance Dashboard

The Board noted the recent data which showed a reduction in a number of areas including NHS 111 triaged calls, see and convey, ambulance handover delays, trolley breaches and attendances at both A&E and urgent care, however, the proportion of NHS 111 A&E recommendations remained significantly above pre-Covid levels. Further analysis was provided around attendances and a number of issues were identified, including breakdown of data by acuity, age group, GP practice and reasons for attendance. Following discussion several areas for further analysis were identified and it was agreed that that there should be consideration of how to become more solution focussed as a Board moving forward and discussions would be held outside the meeting.

Decision/Action: A small group would be convened to discuss how the Board could become more solution focussed as a Board moving forward.

Governance and Meeting Structure

The Board noted the work underway to develop an ICP wide urgent care SOG meeting. This would be an operational group, the current LTH internal SOG group would transition into the new group. The Board further noted that four programmes of work around discharge were to be progressed by the Chief Operating Officer at LTH, the outcomes of which would be presented at an ICP wide workshop scheduled for 27 September.

Winter Plan

An update on progress was provided and following discussion, the Board noted the importance of the work required to progress the winter plan and agreed that a further prioritisation exercise including clinical input should take place to determine the schemes that would be deliverable, achievable and measurable with the impact required over winter and demonstrate value for money. An update would be provided at the next meeting.

Decision/Action: Further prioritisation of the proposed winter schemes would be undertaken and a draft plan would be brought to the next meeting.

Community Services and Mental Health Updates

The Board noted the increased activity across all services. An update of the work around the IRS service would be provided at a future meeting and would include how the pathway would work and the intentions and expectations of how service user and carer experience would be improved Decision/Action: An update around the IRS service would be presented at a future meeting.


Matters for escalation (and where to) N/A

Completed and signed off by Lindsey Dickinson Clinical Lead

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