Meeting ICP Determinants of Health System Delivery Board

Meeting Date 15 July 2021


Key decisions and actions

The 15th July meeting of the Determinants of Health System Delivery Board included updates and discussions around the following topics:

Action Planning - Task and Finish Group

Members heard that a Task and Finish Group had been established to provide a more in-depth opportunity to examine and understand the data around the identified priority areas and to develop a comprehensive action plan to begin to move work around the priorities forward. With good representation from all sectors the meeting had proved useful in terms of encouraging positive discussions and provided some good suggestions.

Initial themes had identified continued opportunities for connections between services that were already in existence and the opportunity to engage with local communities around wellbeing. The group recognised a detailed and comprehensive action plan was required and this would be developed for further discussion and consideration at the 12th August meeting.

Scoping Document

The Board were presented with a brief overview of the scoping document and heard that a number of objectives had been developed with a dual aim which have impact in the areas seen as high-risk, had high levels of inequalities and good opportunities for interventions. L Huntbach emphasised the importance of Members being mindful of the interdependency with the ICS work already underway and further advised whilst it was good to see the recognition other sectors were giving to this topic it was important to have the scoping document in place to provide clarity and transparency around the work of the DoH SDB. The Board heard that this was a prime opportunity to use the data available to identify the key areas of focus and gain an in-depth look into the ‘causes of the causes’.

Public Health England Inequalities Strategy

Members heard there were plans for the ICS to convene a Health Inequalities Commission but this could take up to eight months before it was fully operational. S Karunanithi advised that ICPs were working collaboratively to develop the strategy for use across the whole of the Integrated Care System and it was acknowledged that the ICS Board would require evidence of the planned DoH framework and how this would contribute to the wider work of the ICS around Health Inequalities.

G Hall emphasised the importance of the Board identifying what the Inequalities were across central Lancashire and advised that S Karunanithi would lead on this project for the DoH but would require the input and support of all partners.

It was noted the Board would develop an initial draft version of a longer-term health inequalities action plan for central Lancashire for the approval of this Board by the end of October.


Matters for escalation (and where to) N/A

Completed and signed off by Gary Hall Senior Responsible Officer and Chair 

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