Meeting: ICP Clinical and Professional Forum

Meeting date: 26 August 2021


Key decisions and actions

Determinants of Health System Delivery Board - Hypertension

The Forum welcomed Gary Hall, Senior Responsible Officer and Shashidhar Khandavalli, Clinical Lead, of the Determinants of Health System Delivery Board (DoH SDB) who gave an overview of the work the SDB was undertaking around hypertension and described in detail the strategy and the PHM approach taken. He noted the importance of understanding the causes of the causes, deprivation and health inequalities and that this was a central aspect to the work of the System Delivery Board.

Decision/Action: L Huntbach and S Khandavalli to discuss the potential to develop a pathway linked to cardio, renal and endocrine services to ascertain underlying causes and signpost to appropriate support.

ICP Ethics Committee

G Skailes advised that the current Chair of the ICP Ethics Committee, Sumantra Mukerji, was stepping down and asked whether the Committee should continue as an ICP Committee. Following discussion, it was agreed that the Committee should continue as an ICP Committee; communications should be circulated advising colleagues of its existence and the details of the meetings; colleagues with an interest in ethics should be asked if they would like to be involved. There was a request to consider sharing of learning from cases and for GP trainees to be allowed to attend a meeting as part of training.

Decision/Action: G Skailes to progress a means of sharing learning and to take the request regarding GP trainees to the Committee for consideration.

Winter Plan

The Forum further welcomed Craig Frost, Associate Director of Transformation and Delivery, CCG, who presented a detailed update on the work ongoing to develop the 2021/2022 Winter Plan and advised that a further prioritisation process would be undertaken on 2 September to refine the proposed schemes to those that would provide additionality and have the biggest impact. There was particular reference to the Frailty Service and the significant positive impact it has had and it was advised that discussions around funding would be held at the ICP Resource Committee. Risks regarding workforce in terms of delivery of the schemes were noted and it was felt there was not sufficient focus on primary care and concern was raised regarding the potential for increased pressure on primary care. GP access to specialist advice in a timely way was noted and use of baton phones was suggested.

Decision/Action: Implementation of the schemes in relation to primary care to be considered at the prioritisation process.

L Dickinson and M Stewart to discuss use of baton phones.


Matters for escalation (and where to) N/A

Completed and signed off by Lindsey Dickinson Senior Responsible Officer and Chair

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