Meeting: ICP CIC Clinical and Professional Forum

Meeting Date: 8 April and 22 April 2021


Key Decisions and Actions:

The April meetings of the Clinical and Professional Forum were dedicated to progression of the ICP Priority Setting Process through deep dive sessions with the Elective Care System Delivery Board and the Primary and Community Care System Delivery Board where each System Delivery Board presented their priorities for 2021/2022.

Following discussion and debate the priorities for each System Delivery Board were fully endorsed by the Forum and approved for submission to the ICP Assurance Committee meeting to be held in May.

In the final part of the process the Forum considered the existing transformational schemes across the ICP. The ICP core team had undertaken a mapping exercise of all existing system wide transformational schemes for Clinical and Professional Forum review to ensure these were either appropriately aligned to the System Delivery Boards or no longer required. Following discussion the Forum recommended:

• Allocation of remaining continuing schemes to relevant System Delivery Board priorities for 2021/2022.

• Allocation of the integrated frailty, respiratory and end of life continuing transformational schemes to the LTC board for further review and reprioritise for 2021/2022.

Matters for Escalation (and where to) N/A

Completed and Signed off by Lindsey Dickinson Senior Responsible Officer and Chair, ICP CIC Clinical and Professional Forum

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