Meeting Date 9th September 2021


Key Decisions and Actions

Finance Update

The CCG Chief Finance and Contracting Officer provided an overview of the financial position at month four noting the importance of achieving financial targets and a break-even position at month six due to the impact this would have on the ICS rating. The main priority was to deliver the H1 financial target and QUIPP to achieve a balanced position. A system wide diagnostic was being undertaken to identify issues driving the underlying system deficit and key areas to address as a system. An ICP Financial Recovery and System Oversight Committee were being established and discussions were ongoing to agree how this would function and link with other ICP fora. A system call was arranged where further information regarding arrangements for H2 and possibly winter funding was expected.

Performance Report

The CCG Associate Director of Performance and Analysis provided an overview of progress made to develop metrics for the system delivery boards, highlighting areas of challenge in relation to performance against metrics. Pressures in the care home sector and resultant quality issues were noted and this data would be included in the next iteration.

Performance Reporting and Dashboard/KPI development

The CCG Associate Director of Performance and Analysis summarised the work to date to develop a performance reporting framework, performance dashboards and key performance indicators, and highlighted three major risks to the continuation of this work. It was reported that the ICP Senior Leadership Team had noted the risks and agreed to discuss the issues with the performance team and what could be done differently moving forward.

Internal ICP Development Plan Highlight Report

The ICP Director advised the majority of actions in quarter one and a number for quarter two were complete, actions for quarter three were being progressed and plans were in place to mobilise the long term care system delivery board. One action had required escalation to the ICP Senior Leadership Team in relation to capacity to obtain performance data.

Options for Governance and Management Arrangements for Place Based Partnerships

The ICP Director presented the options appraisal carried out by the ICP Development Advisory Group in response to the national guidance options for place based governance arrangements and the preferred option agreed by the ICP Senior Leadership Team. The Board supported the proposal as a pragmatic and sensible way forward noting the established governance structure and the flexibility the options offered in terms of what future guidance and developments might be regarding the ICS and place based arrangements.

Annual Review of System Delivery Boards and Committees

The ICP Director outlined the feedback received from the review of the system delivery boards noting the themes were related to clarity, commitment, capacity, discipline and accountability, interdependencies and core team support. Overall feedback was positive and a number of recommendations were proposed for areas of further development.

ICP Risk Framework

The LTH Director of Governance outlined the proposal to develop an ICP Risk Framework and the principles underpinning this. The Board noted the concerns raised in the Voluntary and Community Sector Advisory Group and that the current assurance provided by the CCGs would change following the transition period. The Board supported the proposal and recommendations.

ICS Board Update

The CCG Chief Officer advised recruitment was underway for the Chief Executive posts which would be followed by other mandatory executive roles including finance, nursing and medical directors. The framework for the transfer of functions and undertakings from commissioning organisations into the ICS had recently been received and further clarity was expected in terms of delegation arrangements and the role of place. The ICP Board noted the importance of supporting people through the transition.

Primary Care Leadership

The Greater Preston CCG Chair raised the longstanding issue of funding for primary care leadership and the difficulties providing backfill for the increasing number of requests for clinical input, in addition, there was concern regarding the lack of clarity regarding funding once the transition period was complete.

Decision/Action: Discussions would be held to address the issues.


Matters for Escalation (and where to) N/A

Completed and Signed off by Marie Burnham ICP Independent Chair

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