Meeting Date: 8th July 2021


Key Decisions and Actions

Internal ICP Development Plan Highlight Report

The ICP Programme Director described in detail the new report that would be used to provide the Board with an update on the internal work of the ICP as part of ICP development for the year ahead. To date 23% of actions had been completed. Management and monitoring of the plan would be undertaken in real time by the ICP Core Team to ensure the most up to date information was provided.

Decision/Action: The Board welcomed the report and supported the new format.


Development Plan Governance Products

The ICP Programme Director presented a number of items from the development plan and revised governance structure for approval. These included:

· Vision and aims refresh

· Revised values and behaviours

· Open Door Policy

· New Partnership Agreement

· Amendments to the governance structure

Decision/Action: The Board approved all the recommendations related to each product subject to some minor amendments around wording. Particular note was made of suggestions to adopt an open book policy in terms of finance along with the open door policy, and to hold further discussions regarding matrix accountability for ICP fora, openness and transparency and how the public can contribute.


ICS System Development Plan and Design Framework The Board welcomed Andrew Bennett, ICS Executive Director of Commissioning, who discussed progress around ICS system developments. He advised the legislative process had formally commenced with detailed work around finance, governance and accountability to continue. The process would see the establishment of a statutory body in Lancashire and South Cumbria, however, the importance of place leadership and with a clear model of clinical leadership at place was highlighted.

Decision/Action: The Board welcomed the update and invited him to a future meeting.


ICP Performance Dashboard The latest performance dashboard highlighted the continued increased pressures in the system; slow reduction in 52 weeks wait times, achievement of cancer 2 week wait times and progress against the elective care recovery trajectory; focus on the SEND action plan, expected surge in respiratory infections in children; and challenges in relation to mental health services. In terms of the format, this remained in development and future iterations would include KPIs for the system delivery boards.

Decision/Action: The Board suggested a small working group be convened to consider desired outcomes and indicators to show how the system was working.


Finance Update

The Board heard an update regarding the current financial position and noted a better financial performance against the H1 plan than forecast and the ICS was on track against the elective recovery plan, however, delivery against CIP/QIPP in H1 remained a key risk and the pressures in the system remained significant. A financial recovery board was being established to monitor the work ongoing to address the deficit and to provide oversight for the system delivery boards in terms of financial objectives against the delivery of ICP clinical priorities.

Decision/Action: The Board noted the update and the positive financial performance but acknowledged the challenges. Digital Update The LTH Chief Information Officer discussed the challenges in the system in terms of digital systems and outlined proposals to develop an ICP Digital Group to drive the digital strategy forward and address the challenges and bring about digital service transformation. Decision/Action: The ICP Board acknowledged the issues and fully endorsed the proposal to create a digital group.


Matters for Escalation (and where to) N/A

Completed and Signed off by Karen Partington Chief Executive, LTH

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