Meeting Date 20 September 2021


Key Decisions and Actions

The September meeting of the Elective Care System Delivery Board included updates and discussions around the following topics.

Elective Care Recovery Group

The Board heard there continued to be challenges around the progress and position in terms of recovery due to a combination of pressures across the system. Gary Doherty, Service Development Director, LTH reported the Elective Care Recovery Group were focussed on the challenges around the waiting lists and were undertaking work in relation to service improvement transformational projects.

Performance Update

Damian Nelson, Performance Lead for Central Lancashire CCGs presented a comprehensive overview of the performance dashboard noting that the dashboard had been developed using a new reporting format utilising the statistical process control format and was in line with the performance dashboards reported by other system delivery boards.

Priorities Deep Dive

Liz Huntbach, Head of Partnership Development for the Central Lancashire Partnership presented an overview of an exercise with the purpose of aligning the improvement offer of resource and project support for the Board. She advised there were multiple asks of the Board at both national and regional level which could result in duplication and omission if not managed correctly and highlighted the importance of this Board understanding it’s unique place and purpose and to identify the priorities within priorities where this Board could have impact and add value at a central Lancashire system level.

In terms of the next steps it was agreed that ENT would be the first area of focus to identify ways in which a new pathway approach would benefit this specialty and to continue building upon the development of the performance dashboard to provide that much needed data around the Boards identified priority areas.


Matters for Escalation (and where to) N/A

Completed and Signed off by G Doherty Senior Lead

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