Meeting Date 17 January 2022


Key Decisions and Actions

The January meeting of the Elective Care System Delivery Board was a less formal meeting and provided Members with the opportunity to meet and discuss the current position of the Elective Care Programme in terms of restoration.

Discussions were held around the recently published NHS Planning Guidance for 2022/23 and the expectations outlined in relation to the Elective Care System and Cancer Care System.

Members noted there were increased targets in respect of 52 and 104-week waiters and the introduction of a 76-week plus waiting position. Members heard the Independent Sector contracts were now controlled centrally by NHSE with plans to utilise capacity within the sector to assist in the Recovery element across the system. Further discussions were held around the challenges the system faced in relation to the recovery of the Elective Care Programme noting the significant impact the Omicron wave had on Elective activity and the workforce across acute, primary care and community services.

Gary Doherty reported LTHTR had not systematically stood down any Elective activity as a result of the Omicron wave but advised there had been a reduction in throughput primarily due to staff absence and some additional issues with appointments and bed pressures.

In terms of next steps for the Board, Denis Gizzi suggested it would be useful to conduct a reconciliation piece of work to understand the position against the expected trajectories and tasked Steve Flynn and Damian Nelson with this, with findings to be reported back at the 21 February, Elective Care System Delivery Board meeting.


Matters for Escalation (and where to) N/A

Completed and Signed off by D Gizzi Senior Responsible Officer

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