Determinants of Health System Delivery Board - Key messages 12 May 2022

Date posted: 4th July 2022

Meeting Date 12 May 2022


Key Decisions and Actions

Transition to the Integrated Care Board

The Board welcomed Sarah James, Partnership Director for the Central Lancashire Partnership, who presented an update in relation to the transition to the Integrated Care Board (ICB). She confirmed the Health and Care Bill had received Royal Assent becoming an Act of Parliament on the 28 April 2022, noting that with effect from the 1 July 2022, Clinical Commissioning Groups would become obsolete to be replaced with Integrated Care Boards. Members heard that Kevin Lavery, ICB Chief Executive Designate, was in post and was in the process of appointing the executive team. It was noted an important of the transition was the whole scale shift towards much further integration across public services, in particular the expectation that the NHS and local authorities would work on a more integrated level, with work heavily focused around Determinants of Health and the reduction of health inequalities across Lancashire and South Cumbria.

Task and Finish Group update

The Board was pleased to note the progress in relation to the NHS Health Checks and Case Findings projects and the Seven Stars Conversation Listening Event.

Central Lancashire Long-Term Health Inequalities Action Plan

L Huntbach presented an overview of the importance of the plan and a recap of the evidence trail to date in the development of the plan; members heard the framework had been updated to reflect the interventions and the activity taking place across the system to ensure the Board avoided any duplication in terms of system-wide activity in relation to health inequalities. Members participated in a jamboard session to help identify and agree the specific delivery focus areas within the agreed delivery themes:

  • Starting Well
  • Living Well
  • Ageing Well

The presentation closed with a reminder of the proposed next steps, timeline, and a summary of the ask of the central Lancashire Place-Based Boards and Committees:

  • Do these themes feel right to you?
  • How does this work interrelate with what you are already working on, and can we benefit by sharing ideas and knowledge?
  • Are the targets achievable or related to any organisational or project targets you have in motion?


Matters for Escalation (and where to) N/A

Completed and Signed off by Shashidhar Khandavalli Clinical Lead

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