Meeting Determinants of Health System Delivery Board

Meeting Date 12 August 2021


Key Decisions and Actions

The August meeting of the Determinants of Health System Delivery Board included updates and discussions around the following topics:

Central Lancashire Enhanced Covid Support for Winter Project

Members were presented with an overview of the initial evaluation and findings report which had been developed to provide support to vulnerable groups over the winter period and had progressed three key workstreams;

o Population Health Management

o Community Grants supporting resocialisation

o Digital Inclusion

The report focussed on a Population Health Management approach and had used a social prescribing-based methodology to deliver sustainable outcomes focussed on a pre-determined cohort. Early indications had shown a positive improvement in terms of impact and shifting health outcomes with further detailed analysis to be completed and reported at the September meeting of the DoH SDB.

Action Planning – Task and Finish Group

A progress update was provided; a ‘rolling action plan’ was now in place which would continue to grow as the work in this area expanded. In terms of hypertension intervention the main focus of the group was to identify the population this would serve and would have the most positive impact. The Board welcomed and acknowledged the efforts the Task and Finish Group were putting into this area.

Outpatient Waiting Lists and Inequalities

S Dobson, Chief Information Officer at LTHTR presented the Board with a comprehensive presentation around Outpatient Waiting Lists and Inequalities. Members acknowledged the importance of the role of the DoH SDB with this piece of work and looked forward to further updates and an opportunity to provide valuable input into this area.

Mental Health Scoping Discussion

A detailed overview of the scoping exercise into Mental Health Services undertaken by colleagues at LSCFT was presented to the Board and included a view of the underlying principles that would need to be applied to tackle the wider determinants of Mental Health. Discussions were held around the next steps required to get work underway on this workstream.

Developing our workplan

Members acknowledged that initial discussions around key areas of focus for the DoH SDB had been ambitious and that there was a need to be realistic in terms of the work that could be done in-year. The Board noted the importance of developing a detailed workplan that would support the Board to concentrate efforts on the areas which would have the most impact and positive outcomes for the population of central Lancashire.


Matters for Escalation (and where to) N/A

Completed and Signed off by S Khandavalli 

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