Meeting: Determinants of Health System Delivery Board

Meeting Date: 11th February 2021


Key Decisions and Actions:

Membership is progressing well as the Board welcomed their newest addition, Adrian Phillips, of Preston City Council.

This month’s Agenda included several updates, though the most pertinent were around the ICP Priority Process, which tied in seamlessly with a further discussion on Disease Profiles.

As part of the Priority Setting Process, members were informed that a proposal of priorities for each System Delivery Board would be taken to the Clinical and Professional Forum for a Deep Dive session.

The Clinical Lead, Shashidhar Khandavalli and Ruth Trevena of the Central Lancashire CCG presented a detailed presentation around Disease Profiles. Members agreed that in terms of long term priority setting, the four areas that should be fed back into the Clinical and Professional Forum are Circulatory Disease, Cancer, Respiratory and Mental Health.

The key actions taken from this meeting included;

  • Development of proposal to be taken to the Clinical and Professional Forum, identifying the top 5 contributing factors within each area whilst ensuring that the relevant data is captured to support.


Matters for Escalation (andwhere to): n/a

Completed and Signed off by G Hall

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