Meeting date 14 October 2021


Key decisions and actions

Children’s, Young People and Maternity Services System Delivery Board Update

The Forum welcomed Vicky Webster, Clinical Nursing Lead Children & Young People’s Transformation Programme and Jo Connolly, Divisional Nurse Director, Women and Children Division, LTHTR, who provided an update detailing the progress the Children’s, Young People and Maternity Services System Delivery Board (CYPM SDB) has made regarding the programmes of work related to the allocated priorities, including the structure of the CYPM SDB, accountability processes, aims, objectives and achievements for each area and challenges. In addition detail was provided around how the CYPM SDB supported the wider ICS priority work areas, primary care and national priorities. Post-Covid burdens on children and young people were noted and importance of data was agreed.


• Communications to stakeholders would be checked to ensure the correct information has been provided regarding the Tier 2 continence service.

• BI and performance teams to be advised of the SUSA dashboard and real time data and consider how this could be used by the CYPM SDB.

Children’s Mental Health Services

The Forum welcomed Arun Chidambaram, Medical Director and Amith Paramel, Consultant Psychiatrist, LSCFT who gave a detailed presentation regarding mental health services for children and young people, including CAMHS services, factors contributing to delays in transfers out of hospital, demands and impacts of Covid, current challenges, the mental health improvement plan and the Thrive Model and implementation of the Immediate Response Service. The Forum noted the work being undertaken and a number of actions were agreed, the Forum would welcome a further update at a future meeting. The Forum also heard an update from LTHTR of the work the Trust had been doing to support mental health for young people.

Issues regarding neurodevelopmental pathways and assessments were discussed and it was agreed to link in with the Children’s, Young People and Maternity Services System Delivery Board. The safe space pathway was particularly highlighted as having been beneficial in helping to reduce admissions into acute beds of young people attending ED with mental health issues.


• A Paramel to discuss neurodevelopmental assessment issues and the impact on CAMHS capacity with Dr John Agbenu and Dr Maria Hall and bring a proposal to the CYPM SDB.

• A Paramel to ensure discussions regarding the IRS service provision include clarity of acute pathways.

• A Paramel to provide a further session at a future meeting and include the eating disorder service.

• A Chidambaram to provide update on IRS at the next meeting including how this would support children and young people.


Matters for escalation (and where to) N/A

Completed and signed off by Gerry Skailes Clinical Lead

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