Meeting date 18 November 2021


Key decisions and actions

Workstream updates

It was noted that due to current system pressures and ongoing resource issues there had been no further progress with the Acute Paediatric Review workstream. Members heard there was now a Clinical Lead in place and that Kevin Turner had agreed to take on this role for the project and noted whilst it was going to be a difficult period there were still plans to focus primarily on the ‘Did Not Attends’ aspect of the workstream.

John Agbenu advised the Neurodevelopmental Pathway Task and Finish Group had moved to monthly meetings with administrative support provided by one of the pathway coordinators. In terms of ongoing issues he advised there were still concerns around resource for the pathway particularly around speech and language therapy and learning disability nursing teams and around the role of the pathway coordinators to ensure there was equal support available across both LTHTR and LSCFT. S Flynn advised the long-term objective of the group was to develop an ASD Commissioned Service with its own resource capacity to carry out all ASD assessments with the timeline for the mobilisation of this service still to be determined.

Deep-Dive Presentation

The Board were presented with a comprehensive overview of the CYPM SDB Performance Dashboard. Following the presentation it was highlighted that some of the data was not a true reflection of the current position and the decision was made to review the data in terms of what was being recorded and how this was reported outside of the meeting to ensure there was a clear and definitive understanding of what was being measured.

G Skailes reminded members that one of the main objectives of the system delivery board was to understand how we could work more effectively as a system in the future to manage patients in a different way.


Matters for escalation (and where to) N/A

Completed and signed off by G Skailes Senior Responsible Office

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