Meeting Date: 17th June 2021


Key Decisions and Actions

Following the theme of previous meetings the deep-dive presentation at the June meeting of the Children’s, Young People and Maternity Services System Delivery Board (CYPM SDB) was around Transition Services. In addition to the deep-dive presentation the following updates were noted;

Workstream Updates

The Board welcomed Laura Duckworth to her first meeting of the CYPM SDB in her new role as Clinical Business Manager for the Women’s Health and Childrens Division at LTHTR. Members heard that work was now underway to develop and finalise the Acute Paediatric Review Project Plan and the first priority area for focus within this plan would be outpatients.

Members were also provided with an update around the work of the Neurodevelopmental Pathway and concerns were raised regarding the ongoing difficulties in reaching an agreement relating to the arbitrary age split. Members were informed that an agreement was expected to be reached at the next meeting of the Neurodevelopmental Task and Finish Group.

Transition Services

The Board heard a detailed and comprehensive presentation of the work being undertaken in this priority area.

Members were advised of long-standing difficulties with gaps in service provision, often attributed to a lack of counterpart adult services in place for young people between the ages of sixteen and eighteen. A brief overview was provided of some of the barriers impacting upon the progress of this workstream and it was noted these were largely due to a lack of resources and capacity and that the service was not often acknowledged as being high priority.


Matters for Escalation (and where to) To monitor and escalate if appropriate the difficulties in reaching an agreement of the arbitrary age split between the two main providers for ASD Assessments.

Completed and Signed off by Gerry Skailes Senior Responsible Officer

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