Meeting Date 3 November 2021


Key decisions and actions

Update from UEC Oversight Group

Following on from the governance restructure the UEC oversight group and the exec UEC group held their first meetings this month. The Exec UEC board received an update from the UEC oversight group at their inaugural meeting where a number of risks were highlighted for escalation these were: crisis support hours, recruitment and workforce capacity, in particular therapies. A number of potential cross partner solutions were mooted all of them requiring difficult decisions and robust discussions between all partners. An interim solution for crisis hours will be presented to senior leaders this week and the therapy challenges are being brought to the CL People board.

A business continuity workshop had been arranged for this week and therapies provision and prioritisation would be raised. Concern was raised regarding community bed provision and designated settings for Covid 19 recovered but positive patients this is being escalated to regional level.

The Board was pleased to note the funding had been agreed and authorised for the end of life business case, the programme had been enacted and recruitment was underway.

Decision/Action: A formal proposal to be submitted to the Chair around delivery of crisis hours who would raise at SLT. Formal meeting to be arranged with stakeholders, partners and HRD to discuss workforce issues. Designated settings to be raised at the system UEC board.

Ambulance Handovers

The recent correspondence from NHSEI was discussed, the current challenges were raised and it was agreed that operational teams would hold further discussions and bring realistic options to the next UEC Oversight Group meeting.

Decision/Action: An update to be provided regarding potential options.

NHSEI UEC Recovery 10 Point Action Plan

The UEC Oversight Group had agreed to cross reference this plan against local high impact changes and identify any gaps.

Decision/Action: The winter plan highlight report would be referenced against the 10 point plan to show alignment and an update provided to the next meeting.

Covid Vulnerable Project

An overview of the project was provided detailing the benefits of the project; raising the patient activation measure and potentially reducing the need for individuals to seek formal health support services. The Board supported the principles and suggested discussion at SLT for a decision whether to take forward, if approved a funding decision would be sought via the relevant CCG committee structure.

Decision/Action: Further discussions to be held at SLT and an update provided to this exec UEC.


Matters for escalation (and where to) N/A

Completed and signed off by Steve Christian Senior Responsible Officer and Independent Chair

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