Meeting Date 17 November 2021


Key decisions and actions

LTH Improvement Plans

The Board welcomed Ailsa Brotherton, Director of Continuous Improvement at LTH who provided a comprehensive and detailed overview of the LTH improvement programme and the shared model, agreed across the ICP, which was a systematic way to re-engineer care through asking 12 questions which generated a change improvement method that if followed would maximise the ability to initiate improvements.

Update from UEC Oversight Group and the Winter Plan

A detailed update was provided in relation to Alert, Advise and Assure. In terms of Alert, challenges and risks were noted in relation to workforce, recruitment and crisis support continued which were impacting on progress of some winter plan schemes, CATCH and home first discharges. A number of actions from organisations were being progressed around this, including LCC, mobilisation of plan A and development of a Plan B. Work was ongoing to source a site to accommodate the transfer of care hub and the admin and clinical teams. A meeting with partners had been held to discuss business continuity plans was held and it was agreed there was a need to establish criteria for when to enact a business continuity plan across the system rather than just within individual organisations.

In terms of Advise and Assure, the Board noted that Both Meadowfield and Broadfield residential rehabilitation units were in outbreak and closed to new admissions. Discussions had been held between the CCG and Ramsey Healthcare who might be able to support the elective recovery programme by undertaking some elective procedures and diagnostic work to support the release of capacity in the Trust, further discussions would be held with Ramsey, LTH and CCG executives around how to progress this and release capacity in the Trust.

A number of actions would be progressed through the UEC oversight Group and reported back to the Board:


• Proposals for MADE events and requests for senior leadership support to be brought to the UEC Board including clarity of purpose, expectations, roles, responsibilities and benefits.

• Crisis Hours to be a formal agenda item for the next meeting with a formal presentation of the three plans - LCC action plan arrangements, mobilisation of Plan A including timescales accountabilities and impacts, and Plan B.

• An update on business continuity arrangements be provided to the next meeting with a formal sign off position for endorsement at the meeting scheduled for 16 December

• An IPC MDT to be arranged between organisational IPC teams to discuss additional support arrangements, good practice and learning.


Matters for escalation (and where to) N/A

Completed and signed off by Steve Christian Senior Responsible Officer and Independent Chair

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