Meeting Date 11 November 2021


Key Decisions and Actions

Place Based Partnership update

The Board was pleased to note the progress of actions in the development plan and the extension of the timescale for development of the balanced scorecard. Central Lancashire was in a strong position in terms of progress in having completed all of the immediate actions with no red or amber ratings at Lancashire and South Cumbria level, and also having progressed a number of actions bespoke to central Lancashire.

Maturity Matrix

The partnership Director outlined the process for repeating the maturity matrix exercise held earlier this year. The previous position for central Lancashire noted strengths in leadership and decision making and areas of development related to maximising use of resources and delivery of integrated services. Further work on the delivery aspect and alignment of ongoing pieces of work related to this would be discussed at the December meeting.

Place Based Governance Arrangements

The Partnership Director reported that the ICS Board had endorsed the proposal for a place based leader whose duties would be discharged through the support of a place based partnership committee, and advised that as the current central Lancashire Partnership Board would evolve into a committee from April, there would be a review of the membership and constitution. It was noted that for central Lancashire the emphasis was for neighbourhoods to be represented properly at place and that central Lancashire was in a good position to meet the requirements.

PHM Strategy

The Board welcomed Dr Shashidhar Khandavalli, GP and Clinical Lead for the Determinants of Health System Delivery Board who presented the population health operating model for Lancashire and South Cumbria, developed through a place based approach, including an outline of the aims, approach to be taken, strategies, principles and the six overarching enablers to facilitate improvement of population health for Lancashire and South Cumbria though the agreed PHM programme, with community involvement placed at the forefront.

ICS Board Update

The CCG Chief Officer provided an update from the ICS Board noting the announcement of the newly appointed chief executive was expected and that recruitment would commence for the key executive roles. Work was progressing around H2 planning arrangements and the transition process including the constitution of the ICB. The Partnership Director outlined two aspects of the place based leader role that of a partnership convenor and the executive lead role and ability to take the delegation of responsibilities from the ICB at place. It was noted there would be no nationally mandated role description, each system was expected to create the place based leader role that was appropriate for their place.

Provider Collaborative

The LTH Service Development Director provided an update on progress to develop the governance of the provider collaborative board and the LSCFT Chief Integration Officer advised that he was taking a the senior responsible officer role at system level for mental health, learning disabilities and autism and was working with the provider collaborative board to align this work with the governance arrangements. Concerns were noted regarding the lack of primary care and poor community representation on the clinical integration group.

Key Messages

The Board noted and noted the updates from the CLP committees and system delivery boards and the progress made.


Matters for Escalation (and where to) N/A

Completed and Signed off by Marie Burnham Central Lancashire Partnership Independent Chair

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