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Care Professionals Board

Partners across Lancashire and South Cumbria are committed to taking coordinated action to improve health and wellbeing, provide clinically sustainable services and to do this within available resources.

Partners recognise that we need to change how services are provided to offer more joined-up, proactive care that is organised in neighbourhoods. This change needs to be led by clinicians – including doctors, nurses and health professionals, who know that tailored and personalised care will support local people, carers and families to live healthier lives within their communities.

The role of the Care Professionals Board (CPB) is to provide clinical and care professional leadership and assurance to the Lancashire and South Cumbria Integrated Care System ensuring it develops clinically robust, evidence-based proposals for system wide care models. The members of the Board are clinical representatives of the organisations which are part of the Integrated Care System including hospital trusts, GP practices, primary care services, academic health science networks and pharmacies. 

The Board is chaired by Andy Curran, Executive Medical Director for Lancashire and South Cumbria Integrated Care System.