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Involving local people and staff

Our partners continue to work with, engage and involve local people in changes and new ways of delivering services in neighbourhoods, in local partnerships and across Lancashire and South Cumbria. We have listened to the feedback of local people as we have developed our five-year strategy.

We hear from local people through:

  • Outreach with specific groups
  • Comment cards
  • Workshops
  • Events with neighbourhoods
  • Involvement of patients with lived experience, taking active roles on boards and steering groups
  • Community group discussions
  • Telephone interviews
  • In depth conversations
  • Face-to-face interviews
  • Public engagement events
  • Surveys and questionnaires. 

Local people have told us:

  • They were not aware and did not recognise the changes and developments that are being made to the health and care system

  • They are positive about the inclusivity of the vision but raised concerns over a focus on the elderly at the expense of younger people
  • Opinion was divided over whether these were a positive development, although it was evident that understanding of primary care networks and local partnerships and how they work is low
  • They felt positive about links being formed between different healthcare services
  • They felt positive about work taking place in some of our neighbourhoods where communities, health and care services and local organisations are working together
  • They are positive about intentions to improve community services
  • They feel there is a lack of support for mental health issues and lengthy waits for referrals.

Get involved in a specific area of work across Lancashire and South Cumbria:

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Consultation and Engagement Framework

The partnership has agreed a Consultation and Engagement Framework which provides the standards and principles for involving local people in service change in Lancashire and South Cumbria.  This was approved at the Joint Committee of Clinical Commissioning Groups and outlines the principles of involvement, engagement and consultation to be adopted for large scale service change. The framework is a mixture of legal, mandatory and aspirational requirements in relation to best practice to be applied involvement, engagement and consultation.

Share your views with local Healthwatch

Local Healthwatch are part of their local community and works in partnership with other local organisations. We encourage local people to get involved with local Healthwatch and share their experience of using local services. These are independent from the NHS and are able to represent local people.

Feedback from local people

A report with findings from a series of focus groups to capture feedback from local people across Lancashire and South Cumbria has been published by Healthwatch Together. The insight captured has fed into the development of the draft ICS strategy and is supporting work taking place in the five local health and care partnerships.

Read the Healthwatch engagement report here.


To find out more or get involved with Healthwatch in your area use the links below.