Spring North - AI & Automation in the VCFSE sector.

Date posted: 20th May 2024 Spring North - AI & Automation in the VCFSE sector. thumbnail image

Date: 19th June 2024

Time: 1pm-4pm

Delivery: Online

This workshop is designed specifically for VCFSE organisations to empower participants by demystifying cutting-edge technologies and their applications. Through hands-on sessions and practical examples, attendees will learn how to harness the potential of AI and automation to enhance efficiency and innovation within their organisations. Ideal for those looking to stau ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape, the workshop offers tools and insights accessible to all skill levels. 

The workshop will cover:

  • Overview of advancements in digital technology 
  • The future of the internet and e-commerce
  • Understanding generative AI
  • Ethical considerations and data protection in AI
  • Utilising generative AI for bid and granr writing with minimal costs (basic digital skills required)
  • Prompt engineering (using policy documentation creation as an example)
  • The art of automation
  • Leveraging AI and automation within your organisation

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