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Date posted: 15th May 2024 NHS Lancashire and South Cumbria - Cancer Alliance thumbnail image

Funding opportunity for innovative early cancer diagnosis projects.

The NHS in Lancashire and South Cumbria is inviting organisations to bid for funding for innovative projects that will aid the earlier diagnosis of cancer in the area.

Lancashire and South Cumbria Cancer Alliance - the cancer team within NHS Lancashire and South Cumbria Integrated Care Board (ICB) - is launching an open call for applications from organisations across the health and care network including from primary and secondary care and the voluntary and charity sectors.

Bids for up to £100,000 per project are invited for projects that focus on earlier diagnosis of cancer that could impact stage shift (patients being diagnosed at stages one or two rather than three or four).

It’s the second time the Cancer Alliance’s Innovation Team has issued such a call for innovative projects. Last year’s successful projects include:

  • A self-booking pilot for cervical screening,
  • A pancreatic cancer toolkit pilot,
  • Genexus - a next-generation sequencing pilot to test lung samples on the lung pathway,
  • The international ovarian tumour analysis pilot which introduces the international ovarian tumour analysis principles, and the ADNEX model which assists in differentiating between benign and malignant ovarian tumours.

The application form includes details of the funding criteria.For more information please contact tanis.barnett1@nhs.net or lisa.flanagan1@nhs.net.

Please submit bids by 5pm on Monday 24 June to tanis.barnett1@nhs.net.

Please note: capital funding bids cannot be accepted.

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What is the fund total, how many £100k bids could it support? 

Estimate £200,000 - £250,000 depending on other project's underspend.

Will is also support smaller bids?

Yes, it bids up to £100,000 - so smaller bids can be accepted.

What is the scoring weighting on this?

Everything will be considered, full holistic approach to all factors.

Did any of the four previously funded pilots turn into BAU at the end of the funding, and if so were they subsequently tendered competitively?

These projects are still running and this will be dependent on evaluation before moving to additional rollout or BAU model.

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