Let's talk to prevent male suicide

Suicide rates in Lancashire and South Cumbria are the third highest in England and men are three times more likely to take their life by suicide than women.

Of those who die by suicide, 67% are not known to mental health services. We, therefore, need everyone to become suicide aware.

This site provides suicide prevention and mental health information, resources and signposting to support men across Lancashire and South Cumbria. 


You can also access our resource hub which has an extensive collection of resources for everyone. 

Through our campaign;

  • We are encouraging people to have open and direct conversations about suicide, with men
  • We are asking employers to create workplace environments that promote openness and honesty
  • We are willing men to speak out if they are struggling. 


Below you can download the employers' toolkit and campaign promotional materials.

As part of our research, we are interested in finding out who is using the toolkit.

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