Lancashire’s first large vaccination centre opened at Blackburn Cathedral this week. It was a historic day for the borough and Lancashire. The NHS worked with the council and other partners to identify the Cathedral as a site.

Dr Amanda Doyle OBE:

Just extremely please that we’re able to ramp up the numbers of people we’re vaccinating so much. Really grateful to the Cathedral for all the help they have given us, as well as the Local Authority, the fire service, all our NHS partners. It’s a real great combined effort.

Kevin McGee:

This is society at its very best. All our agencies have come together, be it the council, bet it the police, be it the fire service, be it the ambulance, be it the NHS. The Cathedral have been magnificent the way they have supported us. Our community volunteers have come together and it shows you what we can do, when we’re faced with a problem and how we can come together and defeat that problem together, is the right thing to do. This has just been magnificent and the energy in this building this morning, the energy you see is just phenomenal.  

Well we haven’t had much of a day so far because it’s only nine o’clock nearly now.

I’m here to have my Covid-19 immunisation jab.

Today is my first day to receive the Covid-19 vaccine.

It was very easy and pleasant to get here, the roads were quiet. I came in and stood for a little while and a nice lady took me to a cubicle and a gentleman injected my arm with the unfrozen vaccine and here I am talking to you.

Found it very, very well. No problems whatsoever. In fact it went that good she’d actually done the immunisation before I knew it. I didn’t feel a thing, its as easy as pie.

The process was quite smooth, particularly the injection.

I’m just doing the admin for Covid-19 vaccines and it’s going really well on our first day.

I’ve chosen to have it because I don’t want to catch the virus or give it to anybody else. I wouldn’t hesitate in telling anybody to have this done, you don’t feel anything at all.

I would certainly recommend people of my age and in the next age group to do it.

Dr Khandavalli:

Hi there, I’m Dr Khandavalli, GP at the Chorley surgery and Clinical Director for Chorley Central Primary Care Network. We’re here today to start our mass vaccination programme for the population of Chorley central. This is an incredibly proud day for our network, for the management team who have been putting in hours like you wouldn’t believe, to help our population that we can get through this crisis, this pandemic. It’s time now for all of us to play our part and get ourselves vaccinated. If you’re called up, please do take part, please take the opportunity and we really look forward to welcoming you here and to take things forward.


Welcome to the pop up clinic to vaccinate the most vulnerable in the community

Hi my names Suhail Ainarkar I'm the secretary at Masjid E Saliheen it's a pleasure to be working with the local primary care network and Lancashire Council of Mosques and the local CCG in order to open the first vaccination center in a Mosque in Blackburn. 

We're really pleased to see that it's reached the widercommunity and there's people from different communities actually attending today so we're really proud of actually facilitating the benefit of the wider community

This is a wonderful opportunity which the Lancashire Council of Mosques have pursued with Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council, the CCG, Lancashire County Council and the NHS as well as the mosques Masjid E Saliheen in this case because it's all about working together it's all about trying out different things in order to mitigate the unfortunate news out there which is totally against vaccines so we're trying to pursue and trying to access communities which are  hesitant in taking the vaccine and by coming to venues like the Mosque and faith centers it is a fantastic opportunity to take things forward and work together

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