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Last updated: 23 November 2021, 10:25 am

Got questions about COVID-19 vaccinations? Why not #AskAuntyCarol

Carol Bissett, our local immunisation expert, will be on hand to answer your COVID-19 vaccination questions every week!

You can also visit the dedicated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section of our website for more. 

Aunty Carol said:

So, what gives me the right to sit here and tell you that you should have a vaccine? The science! I follow the science. I believe the scientists. You've only got to look at the global picture to see that these vaccines are working. 

#AskAuntyCarol: Do the vaccines use animal products?

Carol: None of the vaccines we're using contain any animal products whatsoever.

#AskAuntyCarol: Will the vaccine change my DNA?

Carol: People are concerned that these vaccines, because they are DNA vaccines, may affect their DNA. That's like baking a cake and trying to take the eggs out afterwards.  When you're done, you're done. Your DNA is there.

#AskAuntyCarol: How do I get my vaccine?

Carol: When it's your turn to have your vaccine, you'll be notified. This could be a text from perhaps your GP or from the National Booking Service. You can click on the link that the text contains to book your slot.  If not, you can dial 119 and actually speak to somebody.  You might even get a letter. However you are contacted, please make your appointment. You will get your first and second appointment - and go for that second vaccine, it's really important.

#AskAuntyCarol: How does the Pfizer vaccine work?

Carol: It's a new technology and we're still seeing, in real-world use, how it's working. What we do know is it's working really well. 

#AskAuntyCarol: Is there a microchip in the vaccine?

Carol: Some people, not many, have this thought that there is a microchip in the vaccine. There isn't. It's not possible to put a chip into a vaccine.

#AskAuntyCarol: What if I'm scared of injections?

Carol: Some people, lots of people actually, are needle-phobic.They hate needles. We will take that extra time if you've got these worries. Bring somebody with you that can hold your hand. It's not silly. It's just the way some people are.

#AskAuntyCarol: What about the side effects?

Carol: Some of the people have suffered more side effects with the COVID vaccine. That is a good thing because it means their immune system is really fired up.

#AskAuntyCarol: What if I'm pregnant, should I get the vaccine?

Carol: So if you tilt this on its head, somebody's had the vaccine then they find out they're pregnant. I'd like to point out that's nothing to do with the vaccine by the way.  But if you do find out that you're expecting a baby, please don't worry about it, go and have your second vaccine at the time that it's due and they are the new recommendations, again, on data that we've got now.

#AskAuntyCarol: Why do I need a 2nd dose?

Carol: We get good cover from the first dose. But, to give us that optimum level of protection, it's important that we get our second dose at the time we're supposed to.

#AskAuntyCarol: Why should I get vaccinated?

Carol: That's the only way out of this pandemic. The vaccines are absolutely brilliant, I mean, far better than we hoped in real use.

#AskAuntyCarol: How did we get a vaccine so quickly?

Carol: Basically, money was thrown at it. We did exactly the same things as we always do when we're developing vaccines but we did it at speed.


There is a lot of misinformation circulating around coronavirus and the vaccine so it’s really important that you get your information from a trusted source, including:

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Lets talk facts: The COVID-19 vaccines help to reduce your risk of catching, spreading, getting seriously ill or dying from COVID-19, The vaccines approved for use in the UK have met strict standards of safety, quality and effectiveness...

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