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Areas of work

Within each priority there are areas of work, use the links below to find out more about work taking place in each area

        Acute and Specialised

        There's lots of work taking place within acute and specialised care. Use the links below to explore these in more details.

        Stroke services

        Learning Disabilities

        The NHS is committed to improving the health and outcomes of people with learning disabilities and autism, and transforming services to improve the quality of care throughout peoples’ lives.

        NHS England are leading a programme of work that touches on all services within the NHS, working with commissioners to deliver significant improvements in the care of children, young people and adults.

        The focus is ensuring that people who are inappropriately in in-patient care, move to community settings with support, and we are working with partners across health and social care to ensure this happens.

        Find out more about work with learning disability services here

        Prevention and Population Health

        Traditionally, we focus on getting better once we're ill. We're going to shift the focus now to helping people look after themselves, making healthy choices, so they stay fit and healthy for as long as possible. Use the links below to find out more about the region's prevention work.

        Diabetes prevention

        Primary and Community Care

        The General Practice Forward View (GP Forward View), published in April 2016, commits to an extra £2.4 billion a year to support general practice services by 2020/21.

        It will improve patient care and access, and invest in new ways of providing primary care.

        As part of this package NHS England is investing £500 million in a national sustainability and transformation package to support GP practices, which includes additional funds from local clinical commissioning groups (CCGs).

        Find out more about Primary Care work here

        Regulated Care Sector

        The Care sector is a valued partner in the delivery system for adult health and social care. Health and care organisations from across Lancashire and South Cumbria are working together to strengthen and improve the regulated care sector which includes care at home, residential care and care homes with nursing.

        Visit our Regulated Care Sector page for news, resources and information.

        Urgent and Emergency Care

        Across the NHS, staff work around the clock to deliver the best possible care to more patients than ever before, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult as demand continues to rise.

        The current system is under increasing pressure so NHS England wants to improve the urgent and emergency care (UEC) system so patients get the right care in the right place, whenever they need it.

        Its ambition is to transform urgent and emergency care to ensure it better serves those with serious or life threatening emergencies, as well as those with urgent care needs.

        Find out more about Emergency and Urgent Care here

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