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Involving people and staff

We will ensure that the process of engagement, communication, involvement and consultation with the public, politicians, staff members and other stakeholders is delivered in line with best practice to make sure proposals meet the needs of local people

Good communications, engagement and involvement with stakeholders will mean:

  • Better decision making - involving patients and stakeholders in decisions about their own health and care has the potential to boost outcomes, improve patient experience and reduce unnecessary consultations
  • Improved ability to deliver difficult change – developing ideas and proposals with patients, the public and community organisations from the outset can increase our ability to manage risk and deliver difficult change successfully
  • More effective service delivery - understanding patient experiences can help us to identify areas of waste and inefficiency and how to improve services
  • Reduced demand - engaging people can help manage demand for services by improving lifestyle choices, improving self-care and encouraging people to use services appropriately
  • More informed public opinion - to help us decide how to make the best use of the money available
  • Greater community support - engaging with communities and acknowledging the assets that they possess can help tackle health inequalities, support behaviour change and improve health and wellbeing

Working with people in communities

It is important that we work with people from across the community to ensure that services meet the need of the local community.

We seek to address five objectives towards communicating and engaging:

  • Build Awareness
  • Inform and involve
  • Showcase positive impact
  • Support delivery of new ways of working
  • Deliver coordinated communication across region by developing a range of tools that can be used across organisations

Joined up approach

The partnership includes organisations from across Lancashire and South Cumbria which means that we will work together to make sure messages come from the right organisations to reach the right people.

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